Cloth Nappy Washing/Care Instruction


  • Soak inserts in cold water for 24 hours, and dry, prior to first use. 
  • Remove solids into the toilet and then dry pail until you are ready to wash. 
  • For best results, pre-wash nappies in warm water, followed by a full wash in cold/warm water, with an extra rinse cycle. 
  • Wash with MCN safe washing powder/liquid. 
  • Booty Couture nappies love the sun! Where possible dry in sunlight. 
  • Cool tumble dry if necessary.

To prolong the life of your nappy, please DO NOT USE:
Bleach - Enzymes - Fabric Softener - Soak - Hot Tumble Dryer



Some Booty Couture nappy contains the following delicate features: Embroidery/Appliqué Design, Specialty Fabric, Embellishments, Swarovski Crystals Detachable Ruffles

For best results when washing, remove detachable ruffles (if applicable) and snap nappy inside out before washing to reduce any damage to your nappy's delicate features during the wash cycle.

Velcro is NOT your friend.

For your child's safety, please check the integrity of any Swarovski Crystals or embellishments before wearing!